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New life aesthetics and the new tourism culture immersion BBS and hangzhou xixi 'ten mile wheatgrass' project conference

Date: 2018-09-09

On September 9, 2018, under the guidance of zheshang association, by zheshang always new tourism and cultural creative industry committee (raise) intercontinental hotels in hangzhou, jointly organized the first "new life aesthetics and the new tourism culture" immersion BBS and hangzhou xixi "ten mile wheatgrass theme resort village" project conference and special booking, live with immersion scene, BBS speech, drama, such as multivariate fusion, let the audience immersion in hangzhou xixi "ten mile wheatgrass" as the blueprint to build a new life of aesthetic scene, listening to a new life aesthetics and the development of new tourism culture and the discussion of the future, find a never had the new immersion experience, more to "ten mile wheatgrass" three starting holiday products, a new interpretation of the holiday spirit.

Site invited China tourism academy, dai bin, zheshang always new tourism committee chairman, party secretary of zhejiang brigade group chairman Fang Jinghua, rookie chief strategy officer, Dr Purdue university strategy management, strategy of China Europe international business school associate professor, famous product Liang Ning, "ten mile wheatgrass" # "flowers" brand founder, like tourism culture development co., LTD., President, zheshang culture creative industry committee chairman Zhang Bei, founder of the "swarm" & CEO shaw is still slightly, chairman of "bridge", "a successful design" platform, co-founder of Huang Wei, founder and CEO Shang Weiwei "make", "colorful" CEO Zhao Geng dry blockbuster guests to attend the lecture, brought a audio-visual feast for the audience.

New life aesthetics is the "mirror", created "mirror" is the higher dimensions of experience

BBS in the form of a "natural" really into the audience to "ten mile wheatgrass" theme resort village to village model to create a peach garden of dream scenario, accompanied by light and shadow, a once-in-a-lifetime immersion aesthetic experience, will change the idea of a distinct between drama and speech, accompanied by an impromptu dance can deduce, is a genuine feeling of real, live flesh new new state.

"Ten mile wheatgrass" is true of real, live flesh new new state

"Because you have to do a flower, will feel the spring leave you;If you are the spring, there is no leave, forever."Ten mile wheatgrass is such a" spring."

"Ten mile wheatgrass" is a village, the water like water long, have a different life interest of villagers in this village, living a life of abundance, makes life beautiful.The world of beauty, to the life the biggest contribution, is led us to a utilitarian state.The so-called "the heart of the fu family, including the universe", human physical and experience.This world is originality to create, but it real, true color also, and the nature.Life is an experience, but for today, upward transition is one of the biggest luxury experience.

Is not only a BBS, is not only a project, but also a social thinking

Full BBS to human life as the breakthrough point, to start, sorting, search, harvest, precipitation, achievement for keywords, to put forward a social thinking: in the new age of the Internet, a new life aesthetics and new tourism culture, industry and users, we go in life.

On-site guests higher-ups root domain front, based on the spirit of humanistic care, in a whole new dimension: new interpretation theory in the new age of the Internet, technology has become the biggest variable, we this generation's life as long as there is a new technology, service experience will be in a new way to produce it again.Mobile Internet do not just put all the business again, also can make our life to do a few times.From self expression to the user, make the new aesthetics from the narcissistic freed "embarrassed" situation;Getting people to find space for the space for someone, actively constructing relationships, create aesthetic common imagine body;Will refine subscription service to subscribe to the relationship, tourism service to become user scenarios, can subscribe to the theme of proposal...

Each to live a better, you should buy a good experience for upgrade their

Today, each of us will face a new problem: how can we live this life?A "box" holiday can upgrade your experience dimension, jump commonplace since then!Box is behind you in the home can enjoy holiday happiness of aesthetic experience;A membership card in the box behind the beauty is same as you control experience of interaction and collaboration.Today, "li, wheatgrass" life will be on a holiday "box" the carrier designers put the idea of slice of life interesting proposal to give you all the year round.Everyone you want to live better, should be to upgrade myself, and buy a guide to the good life experience.

"Ten mile wheatgrass" new life aesthetics weeks, never end

The event later on September 10 to 16, xixi national wetland park in hangzhou miles wheatgrass theme resort village to carry out the "ten mile wheatgrass" series of activities, new life aesthetics weeks have coolest cool cat absorption experience "cat ye tea", challenge "small honey honey sweet relationship, cold skin you walking" rice ball ", delicious and yan "house of pomegranate, can enjoy themselves to make the house of persimmon and life is like a drama of flowers to express the essence of" play store "...For the user makes a new aesthetic experience field full of sense of ceremony, all the wonderful experience will be in hangzhou xixi never ending.